The whole world is in your room! World Map – Make a creative and memorable gift for yourself or your loved ones. The wooden card will fit to any interior in apartment or office. Make a surprise for your family or friends and enjoy!
▶️ handmade
▶️ suitable for any interior
▶️ large selection of sizes and colors
▶️ a team of high-level specialists
▶️ we use the highest quality materials
▶️ Individual approach to each client
🚩 M- 130×70 cm (51*27 inch)
🚩 L- 150×90 cm (59*35 inch)
🚩 XL- 200×120 cm (79*47 inch)
🚩 XXL- 250×145 cm (98*57 inch)
Types of Maps
Blank map – Map without country names and borderlines
STANDARD – Map with country names and borderlines
Stndrd + St. – “Standard” + states names of USA, Canada and Australia
-birch plywood

3d wood world map

M-Blank Map, M-Standart, M-Standart+50pins, M-Standart+100pins, M-Standart+States, M-Standart+St+50p, M-Standart+St+100p, L-Standart, L-Standart+50pins, L-Standart+100pins, L-Standart+States, L-Standart+ St+50p, L-Standart+St+100p, XL-Standart, XL-Standart+50pins, XL-Standart+100pins, XL-Standart+States, XL-Standart+St+50p, XL-Standart+St+100p, XXL – Standart, XXL -Standart+50pins, XXL-Standart+100pins, XXL-Standart+States, XXL-Standart+St+50p, XXL-Standart+St+100p


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